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​Mountain biking is welcome on nearly all DuPont State Recreational Forest's (DSRF) trails. However, riders must be careful to control their speed at all times and not endanger or disrupt other's use of the forest.​ DSRF is not a bike park, the trai​ls are for multiple uses. You may encounter equestrians, hikers and other bike riders. Electric bicycles (including pedal-assist) are not allowed on DSRF roads or trails.

Corn Mill Shoals, Fawn Lake, Lake Imaging, and Guion Farm are better parking areas for mountain biking. High Falls and Hooker Falls parking areas can be extremely congested.

Multiuse Trail System

Make yourself known on the trails, say "hello" to equestrians to identify yourself as a human and not a predator for the oncoming horse. Blind turns are common. Slow down and be prepared to stop suddenly.

Endangering or disrupting others is considered Disorderly Conduct, a Class III Misdemeanor which may result in a fine and court costs. See more about responsible riding here: International Mountain Biking Association's (IMBA) Rules of the Trail.

Important Forest Rules

  • The Forest is open daily, 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Do not climb on rocks or waterfalls.
  • Jumping, sliding, and diving from waterfalls are prohibited.
  • Swimming or wading upstream of waterfalls is prohibited (within 300 feet of the waterfall).
  • All pets must be on a physical leash and under control at all times.
  • Camping is not allowed on DSRF.
  • Areas or trails designated "No Entry," "Do Not Enter," or "Authorized Personnel Only" are prohibited to trail users.
  • Alcohol and illegal controlled substances are prohibited.
  • Campfires and cooking fires (charcoal, gas, wood, or other fuel) are not allowed on any part of DSRF.

The North Carolina Administrative Code provides State Forests the authority to implement rules that provide for public safety and natural resource protection.

For more information about biking in DuPont State Recreational Forest and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), click here.